Can my blender cut through ice and frozen fruit?

Yes! It can blend through ice and frozen fruit! Make sure that pieces aren’t too big, and if blending slows/stops at any time simply turn your blender upside down to regain blending speed.

Can I charge my blender with any USB port?

Yes! You can use the wall plug from your phone charger or for on the go use; a USB car charger too. You can even use a power bank to charge it!

Is the portable blender quiet?

Depending on what is being blended. A soft buzz when blending liquids/soft fruits, but noise will increase depending on the inclusion of harder ingredients like ice.

How do I clean my Blender?

Simply drop some soap with water into your blender and blend. Rinse with clean water, repeat if necessary. We recommend that after every few uses, you completely dissemble the blender including the silicon rings and wash separately. Ensure parts are dry before reassembling and sealing.

Is my blender dishwasher safe?

No, unfortunately due to the motorized components in the base of your blender it is not dishwasher safe. High heat from the dishwasher may also ware out plastic parts.

Can I use hot liquids in my Blender?

No, do not use any hot liquids in your blender. Warm ingredients can damage or warp the blender.

What is the cup size of my Blender?

Fusion Flow’s blender has a capacity of 380ml or 12 ounces of fluid.

 How much does the blender weigh?

Our blender weighs 1lb.

Can I fly with my Blender?

You can indeed fly with your blender; we recommend that you put it in your carry on. Ensure though, that your blender is empty!

Is the blender BPA free?

Yes! All components of your blender are made from food grade and BPA free stainless steel and plastic.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on your personal usage, blender will generally produce 8-10 drinks without requiring a charge. We recommended that you charge the blender between uses, when possible.