Shipping policy

Shipping and Delivery

Fusion Flow has many various warehouses around the world in various different countries. We aim to ship from the warehouse closest to your location.

Fusion Flow ships to all major North American and European countries as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

We do not ship to:  North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iran

All orders are processed in 12-24 hours. Shipping times are 3-12 business days In Europe and in North America it can take 21-39 days but it can vary based on shipping address. 

For any enquiries contact us at

Please note - due to extremely high demand for our products, it may take more than the standard time to receive some of your items. Fusion Flow does not take any responsibility for delays due to high demand times. All orders come with tracking which will be emailed when available and you can track directly on the site in real-time. Also, because we house our items in multiple locations, you may receive your items at different times. 



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